What gear will I need to get and how much will it cost?

Once you finish your course you will most likely need a complete set of gear to get you started practicing on your own. You will have the option to buy a used first setup for around €600-€800 or new gear from €1400-1700. New kitesurfing gear is recommended for all students that exhibit good kite piloting skills.

Alternatively you can chose any of our rental options, form hourly to season rental. http://www.kitemed.com/kitesurf/kitesurf-gear-rental

We offer discounts for new gear purchases and rental for our students. We will also be happy to consult with you about your gear purchases. We stock a variety of different brands for you to choose from.

A set of gear is:

  • Full size Kite & Pump
  • Control Bar w/Lines
  • Board
  • Harness
  • Helmet*
  • Wetsuit/Booties*
  • Impact Vest*
  • Hook Knife*
  • Optional*