2nd Cyprus SUP Race 2015

The second Cyprus SUP-er CUP has come to an end!

With favorable weather conditions, lots of athletes and George Fragos on the lead, the Cyprus SUP CUP 2015 which took place on Sunday, 20th September at “The Spot”, at Kiti /Softades beach successfully came to an end.

After two “exciting” races, in Larnaca and Limassol (on the 28th June and 6th September respectively) where 31 athletes in total participated, the last race marked the end of the second CUP, one of the fastest growing sports in Cyprus and worldwide.

Hard and inflatable boards, lots of paddles, MagiCam cameras, and positive vibes where on the scene from the early hours at the beautiful and secluded beach of Larnaca.

«We had a good participation of athletes and although at the first race they had to deal with strong winds, at the last race weather was on our site with calm seas and quite winds. Next stop the ‘Isthmus of Corinth’!  We will definitely be here next year!” the organizer of the cup and instructor at Kitemed Kitesurfing/SUP School Panayiotis Kounnides said with satisfaction. 

In the Men’s 4km 14” board category, Constantinos Dimitriou, hit the finishing line first, Sergios Sergiou came second and Christofer Bullant made it to the third position.

In the Men’s 4km 12,6” board category, Zachos Koumoudiou came first whereas Charis Anastasiou same second and third came Pavlos Stylianou.

In the Men’s «Fun Race», our favourite Greek guy George Klinakis came first, Chris Thomas second and Kyriakos Olympios in third place.

In the Women’s 4 km 12,6’’ board, the race and cup overall was won by Fotini HadjiMina and Dia Klonari secured the second place.

In the Women’s «Fun Race» Mikaella Mela came first followed by Eleni Mouskou second place and Ruby Harris in the third place.

As regards the Children’s category, Alexandros Vasiliou secured first place in the 4km 14” board category, securing also his place in the final of the Hellenic CUP at the crossing of the unique Isthmus of Corinth, whereas Charis Andreou followed in second place.

Last but not least, in the Children’s 4km 12, 6” board category, Alexandros Michaelides reached the finishing line first and Nicholas Mavromichalis second whereas in the “Fun Race”, the first two places were taken by Stefanos Vasiliou & Micheal Sarkisian.

All the winners of each category secured their participation in the big final of the Hellenic SUP Cup 2015, at the Crossing of the Unique Isthmus of Corinth on November 1st, in addition to the prizes.

Having completed the competition part, the «Sprint Race» took place where anyone could participate, irrespective of level, age, gender or participation in the Cup.

The winners who secured their participation in the big final of the 5th Hellenic SUP Cup 2015, at the Crossing of the Unique Isthmus of Corinth which will take place on Sunday 19th October are:

  1. Constantinos Dimitriou – 4km 14’ 0”
  2. Zachos Koumoudiou - 4km 12’ 6”
  3. Foteini HadjiMina - 4km 12’ 6”
  4. Alexandros Vasiliou - 4km 14’ 0”
  5. Alexandros Michaelides - 4km 12’ 6”

The results analytically can be found at: http://www.kitemed.com/2nd-cyprus-sup-cup-2015-results